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Blog Tour: The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

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Happy Australia Day! I'm the final stop on the Australian leg of The Mime Order blog tour. Welcome back to Scion! Look out for my review of The Mime Order later this week - hint, I LOVED it. It comes out tomorrow and I'm telling you, you NEED this book.

Have you been following the blog tour so far? Because you totally should've been - not only do you get a special sneak into The Mime Order but you also have the chance to win something cool! Read on.

Release Date: January 27th 2015
Publisher: Bloomsbury Austrralia
Genre: Science fiction, paranormal

Chapter 2 - Sneak Peak 5

‘You know we can’t take you to a hospital,’ I said, ‘but I want to know you’re going somewhere safe. Do you have a gang that can look after you?’

‘No gang.’ Her voice was a wasted husk. ‘I was . . . a gutterling in Camden. But I can’t go back there.’ 

She shook her head. Camden was the district in II-4 with the largest community of voyants, a busy market town that clustered around a stretch of the Grand Canal.

I placed the lighter on the gleaming table and clasped my hands. Old moons of dirt sat under my fingernails. ‘Is there no one at all you can trust there?’ I said quietly. More than anything I wanted to offer her somewhere to stay, but Jaxon wouldn’t put up with strangers invading his den, especially as I wasn’t intending to go back there with him. None of these voyants would last long on the street.

Her fingers pressed into her arm, stroking and grasping. After a long pause, she said, ‘There’s one person. Agatha. She works at a boutique in the market.’

‘What’s it called?’

‘Just Agatha’s Boutique.’ Blood seeped from her bottom lip. ‘She hasn’t seen me in a while, but she’ll take care of me.’

‘Okay.’ I stood. ‘I’ll send one of the others with you.’
Her sunken eyes were set on the window, far away. The knowledge that her keeper might still be alive made my stomach roil.

The door slid open, and the other five came in. I picked up the lighter and walked across the carpet to meet them. ‘That’s the White Binder,’ someone whispered. ‘From I-4.’ Jaxon stood at the back, grasping his bladed cane. His silence was unnerving, but I had no time for games.

‘How does Paige know him?’ Another, frightened whisper. ‘You don’t think she’s—?’
‘We’re ready, Dreamer,’ Nick said.

That name would confirm their suspicions. I focused on the æther as best I could. Dreamscapes teemed within my radius, like a seething hive of bees. We were right underneath London.

‘Here.’ I tossed Nick the lighter. ‘Do the honours.’ He held it up to the panel and flipped the lid open. Within a few seconds, the fire alarm glowed red.

‘Emergency,’ said the voice of Scarlett Burnish. ‘Fire detected in rear carriage. Sealing doors.’ The doors to the last carriage snapped shut, and there was a low-pitched drone as the train glided to a halt. ‘Please move towards the front of the train and remain seated. A life-preservation team has been dispatched. Do not alight from the train. Do not attempt to open any doors or windows. Please operate the slide mechanism if extra ventilation is required.’

‘You won’t trick it for long,’ Danica stated …

Now you have the chance to win something soooo cool. Thanks to Bloomsbury Australia you can...

*Got a few burning questions you'd like to ask author of The Mime Order and The Bone Season, Samantha Shannon? Well here is your big chance! One lucky reader will win the once in a lifetime opportunity to exclusively chat via Skype with Samantha Shannon for a 15-20 minute period.

To be in the running, simply send through the one most pressing question you'd love to ask Samantha Shannon to

Entries close on midnight Feb 15th.

*Click the banner for more details.

Andddd there's also an awesome offer too!

"Here at Bloomsbury we understand that it may be hard to part with a copy of your favourite book even after you've read it. Books are some of our most prized possessions too, so we're not that keen on lending them out either. So we've come up with an idea that will help you get one of your friends or family hooked on The Bone Season.

Simply buy a copy of The Mime Order and we'll send your friend or family member a copy of The Bone Season, so they can get started too. It doesn't matter where you bought it, online or in a bookshop, simply send us a screenshot or photo of a receipt of purchase, along with the name and address of the person you believe really needs to start reading The Bone Season and we'll ship them a copy, for absolutely nothing.

Hurry, this offer is only valid to the first 100 requests we receive through"

I've supplied buy links up top guys... You know what to do.

I hope you've all enjoyed the sneak peek into The Mime Order c: 

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