Friday, July 22, 2016

Gotta Catch Em All: Pokemon Go Book Tag


Y'all Pokemon is my childhood. I know all the words to the theme song for the first season of the anime haha. I used to watch it everyday before school.

When Pokemon Go was officially released I was mega excite to be a Pokemon Master too. And then I was mega mega excite when Aentee created the Pokemon Go book tag. Thank you to Kristy for tagging me <3

This book tag and all it's graphics are created by Aentee. Pokemon Go is owned by Niantic and Nintendo.

I chose Charmander as my starter and I'm glad I did. While I've found HEAPS of Bulbasaurs (I now have all the evolutions hehe) and quite a few Squirtles, my starter Charmander remains the only one in my collection.

I've always had books around me. From the time I was a baby my parents would buy me those block books, fabric books, Disney Golden Books (omg I loved those) so I was always surrounded by stories growing up.

That being said when I was about 7 I was introduced to Harry Potter and after that my obsession with books really began. HARRY POTTER Y'ALL.

Pikachu is SO hard to find. I'm mega jelly of those who have one.

Is it cheating if I say Harry Potter again? I feel that Harry Potter is a classic.
If we're talking classics classic, then Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is forever a fave. Otherwise I'm going to go with Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta. I think I read that when I was like 10 and it was my first foray into YA. It's one of my favs ever since.

Zubats for days y'all. But they're exp so why not? Catch em all during the day then transfer and evolve them at the end for all that exp!

I'm one of those people that will try everything once, either to see what the hype is about, or I managed to get in early (yay book community for hearing about all the new book goss) so it wasn't everywhere when I first read it.

That being said I tried a lot to read Across the Universe because of the hype but I couldn't so DNF :c

The hell do I get this?

Hands down Victoria Aveyard's debut Red Queen. It felt like a mix of all the YA books out there and yet I really, really enjoyed it possibly because of the X-Men vibes. It was so fun and I loved the MC.

If I was to use a Pokemon to describe me, it'd be this guy. I love my sleep and I wish I could do it all day (and read too). Also need one of these guys for my Pokedex.

I don't think many things can intimidate me now after Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings lol, of which my edition had to be split into 2 parts, both books being 600 - 700 pages each.
I reckon Jay Kristoff's Endsinger (the last Lotus War book) I've not started because that whopper I know is going to be nearly 700 pages of heartbreak. It's not the size, but rather the amount of pages that will make me cry. I'M SO SCARED.

I think I've seen a Gengar on my radar, need Gastly too! I love this guy's mischievous look. I also think Koffing and Weezing look hilarious (which Gengar reminds me of because they're all purple). Koffing looks permanently high and Weezing's like that hangover you got after Sunday partying and you turn up to work like ded.

SOOOOOO many books have kept me up all night but one I distinctly remember is Vampire Academy! I was up until 3am binging the first 2-3 back in the day. Also Leigh Bardugo's The Gathering Dark when it came out (Shadow & Bone) I finished in 1 sitting.

I am close to evolving my Nidorina/o into King/Queen!

Ok for this I'm going to go with a finished book series where my ship has officially sailed. There are a few of my OTPs who I adore and the series isn't finished so they could sink, or they've pretty much sunk and I need my HEA SO


Alex and Aiden from Covenant by Jennifer L. Armentrout holy shit these 2 are my favs. The way Alex chose Aiden, their love, everything he'd do for her. I CRIED BUCKETS AT THE END OF SENTINEL.

Rapidash is so pretty. I want one! I found a Ponyta the other day which made me really happy,

I'm going with The Rose & the Dagger by Renee Ahdieh, the last book to The Wrath & the Dawn duology. TR&tD was sooooooooooo fast paced, and steamy, and full of feels, I could not stop turning the pages. I just wanted more and more and I devoured the thing in like 1.5 days with work!

Eevee is actually my favourite Pokemon. Ever. Actually, it rivals Mew in favouritism (I only consider the first 151, anything after is not original for me). But yes Eevee! I need more of this adorable thing so I can finally get my Vaporean.

I don't think I could ever get sick of Vampire Academy spin-offs. I love seeing Rose and Dimitri everywhere. I only read Bloodlines to see their cameos *heart melts*

Gotta catch all them Magikarp. I'm still like 250 away from Gyarados.

Can I say A Court of Mist and Fury? This book has shoved everything aside (including my previous #1 Throne of Glass) to take the place of fav ever. Like I KNEW I'd love it regardless because I adore Sarah's writing. But I had doubts about the direction it would taken. 

Honestly when I've had a shit day this makes it better and helps me sleep at night.

ARTICUNO <333 (ok yes I wouldn't mind Moltres/Zapdos either but I love blue, TEAM MYSTIC woo and Articuno is the coolest - GEDDIT? Hurhur)

I reckon I've started most of the overhyped series because I didn't want to miss out (not gonna lie I reckon I added to the ToG hype #proud)... Ok so I just went through my whole Goodreads and I've at least read book 1 of every overhyped series out there O_O 
WAIT WAIT Northern Lights/The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman? Don't think it's overhyped though? IDK

Mewmewmewmewmew Mew <3

It took me ages to come up with this because Collector's Editions aren't big in YA, especially here in Aus. I mostly buy the edition I like for my favs or I buy multiple editions (e.g. Harry Potter, Sarah J Maas, Amie Kaufman/Jay Kristoff) but then I remembered THIS...

THIS is the 10th anniversary leather bound special edition of Elantris by Brandon Sanderson. ALSO OMG IT WAS PREVIOUSLY SOLD OUT BUT NOW THEY'VE DONE A SECOND PRINTING... It's $100USD but Elantris is my fav of his DO I GET IT? Cryyyy $100USD?! But want... want want want.

I keep getting low CP Pokemon I already from these eggs dangit!

Ooooh Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland. I'm so excited for Krystal's new book out in September. #LoveOZYa

Bless working in the CBD and all those people who just drop lures on every Pokestop around.

Ha. Hahaha. Hahahahahhaa. 

Say it me y'all: SARAH J MAAS.

(And Jessica Shirvington, Victoria Schwab, Brandon Sanderson, Leigh Bardugo, Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman, Melina Marchetta, Kasie West, Katie McGarry.)

Worst possible screen to get.

Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil by Melina Marchetta holy I don't know how long I've been waiting for this book.


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