Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Introducing the Flirt Squad!

I recently found out that Rachel Harris, author of My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century (her YA novel which debuted in 2012) has her own "street team" as she calls it lol. Basically we help spread the word about her book(s), have the chance to meet other YA authors and win lots of goodies in the process as she introduces new challenges.

Obviously I was berating myself over not having joined earlier as I absolutely loved MSSSC and wrote this whopping long review gushing about it because it was so awesome (honest review no jokes). So I immediately jumped onto the Flirt Squad bandwagon and have been racking up the points since!

[Copied from Rachel's site]
Flirt Squad members win awesome prizes and get special perks, like:
  • Exclusive contests and prizes just for Flirt Squad members
  • Teaser chapters and special snippets from future books, including A Tale of Two Centuries, Rearview Mirror, 2nd Type of Girl, and some super secret books you'll hear about soon!
  • Tons-o-swag
  • Your name in the Acknowledgements of Rachel's next book
  • A special note from Rachel with secret tidbits
  • A chance to become a character in a future book
  • And special mega prizes geared to each book theme
Yer see why I joined?! Also it's open internationally so it's like... have ALL the fun *pictures meme*

Members get points by spreading the word and supporting Rachel through various means, such as purchasing the book, writing (honest) reviews, blogging about the Flirt Squad (*winks*) and promoting on other forms of social media. 

The points add up and at certain point intervals members get... that's right... SWAG! From bookmarks all the way to book acknowledgements!

Sign up and read the book!

Want to hear my thoughts on the story? My review can be found here. 

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