Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blogging Hiatus

Activity on my blog has been sparse lately - I've only posted 3 times this month with just 1 review.This is nowhere near my aim of 1 review a week which I was achieving in January and February. I'm not sure why I chose this year to start book blogging, it's probably the busiest year of my life so far as I'm working full time (9am - 5pm Mon-Fri) and studying part time (classes 2-5pm Tuesdays and 3-6pm Wednesdays) so I don't read and review at the pace I'd like.

So... my sparse posts lately have been due to end of semester group assignments - the program I do (Information Systems) has a knack for courses that require major group work - at least 25% of the grade. And that's where I've been lately: creating an IT department and securing the network as part of an "IT consulting firm" and re-engineering the business process of a bank as part of another "firm" :P and while those projects are over, the presentations done and dusted, dun dun dun I have finals coming up!

Thus the title of this post, I will be on hiatus until the 29th of June which is my last exam - check your calendars people it's a Saturday... yes I have a final exam on a Saturday (this happened last year too and it was my 20th birthday as well...)

I won't be posting AT ALL from now until that date. Not to worry, the current giveaway on my blog runs until July, and all the blog tour stops on my blog I've got coming up (and I have a few just y'all wait) also don't begin til July!

For the lovely people that DO read my blog, I shall see you all soon (: I'm on twitter though, I can't get off that thing hehe.



  1. Just when I start to get a little more free time for blogging, you have to leave :( But I totally get it, you have to prioritise other things in your life and taking a hiatus isn't such a bad thing when you need it! Good luck with those exams, Jaz xx

  2. Good luck with your exams!! I totally get what you mean about taking a step back for school x