Monday, August 5, 2013

Throne of Glass Ambassador Post: The Assassin and the Princess (A Throne of Glass Novella) Part 1

Note: the above image is made by me and in no means the official cover for the short story/e-novella

I am so so excited to be presenting to you all the first part of The Assassin and the Princess, a Throne of Glass short story/e-novella which occurs between ToG and CoM.

The midwinter day was warm enough that Celaena Sardothien didn’t bother with gloves when she set out into Rifthold. 
Princess Nehemia however, was thoroughly miserable. Still, she declined Celaena’s repeated offers to take a carriage to the most fashionable avenue of the capital city. Traveling by carriage would only make the day go faster, the princess said. And since they’d claimed the day solely for enjoying each other’s company, neither young woman was in much of a hurry to see it quickly end.

So they walked through Rifthold, dressed as finely as they could while still being warm—and remaining relatively unnoticed. They took their time crossing the city, though they had an unspoken agreement not to venture near the docks, warehouses, or anywhere they might run into any living proof of Adarlan’s empire—and brutal conquest of the continent. 
Having spent a year as a slave herself, and not particularly inclined to discuss the topics of slavery, war, and the general hellishness of the world, Celaena was more than happy to stick to the broad, clean streets where they could pretend to be two young women on their way to spend obscene amounts of money.  
Nehemia had already toured much of the city and disliked almost all of what she’d seen, but still indulged Celaena in a detour to walk past the Royal Theater, in going into her favorite bakeries and sweet-shops, and popping into a few bookstores. Unsurprisingly, by the time they reached Kavill’s, the finest clothier in Rifthold, Celaena had spent a good chunk of her monthly salary as King’s Champion.  
That was another topic they’d agreed to ignore for the day.
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