Monday, December 8, 2014

November Wrap Up + Book Haul

I haven't done one of these in ages! During my months long hiatus I acquired way too many books as a result of retail therapy so I'm not going to talk about those. I will however, show you my gorgeous November book haul - I'd originally done a video but due to the sheer number of books I managed to haul, it's just way too long. HOWEVER, I did film my November wrap-up and December TBR and you can watch it below in case you missed my face... You know... just in case.

Andd the reason November was so massive was because it was my birthday so people bought me books and for the first time in my life, parents gave me money to buy books YEYEYEY. Their argument was that they thought I had enough books already... AND YET THEY SEE ME BUY BOOKS ALL THE TIME SO LOGIC?

Books for Review

I got 2 eGalleys from NetGalley and 3 review copies!

I AM SO EXCITED FOR BOTH OF THESE OMG. Thanks to Bloomsbury Australia for The Mime Order and Simon & Schuster UK for I Was Here and also thanks S&S for the auto-approval (:

Thank you so much Allen & Unwin for these review copies! I GAVE THIS SHATTERED WORLD 4.5/5 IT WAS FANTABULOUS

Now onto the good shit stuff... Not that the previous books aren't good... They're amazing but yeah.

Birthday Gifts

My gorjuz frans got these for me as birthday gifts. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and On the Fence are both from Mel @ YA Midnight Reads <3 I adored On the Fence but never got myself a finished copy. My friend Katie got me Freedom which is fiction/satirical and she really enjoyed it. My friend Jenny went to the Melina Marchetta high tea which I couldn't go to because I had an exam the following Monday (sadface) and she got me a PERSONALISED SIGNED copy of Looking for Alibrandi. I already own this edition but it's Looking for Alibrandi <3


And with the money from parents I got...

Hercule Poirot Boxed Set by Agatha Christie:

Some non-YA as I'm branching out a bit. I heard Not that Kind of Girl is really funny and the hardback is so pretty. I love these anniversary editions of the F Scott Fitzgerald books so I'm collecting them. And yes I can't believe I still haven't read The Catcher in the Rye or Memoirs of a Geisha yet. I've always wanted to read Murder on the Orient Express and I saw this box set at Myer during their VIP shopping night, and it was 40% off! So that's where I nabbed Not That Kind of Girl too :D and omg I just realised the Hercule Poirot mysteries contains 39 books and they just randomly picked 7 for the box set ROFL

The darkest minds never fade IN THE AFTERLIGHT dundundun. I love the way Alex has made the titles come together. I'm not happy with how my book 1 doesn't match my 2 and 3 though :/ I might have to get hardbacks eventually. Very excited for Snow Like Ashes because YA high fantasy <3 A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU COVER LUST OMGGGGGGGGGG.

And then some presents for myself...

Because y'all know I'm a fantasy nut.

And my personal favourite...





The complete hardcover Harry Potter books in the new illustrated covers by Jonny Duddle! These are exclusive to Australia/UK. Also just FYI Americans, the proper title of book 1 is Harry Potter and the PHILOSOPHER'S Stone. Idk why you changed it but yeah.

Aiiighttssss I'm out.


  1. I want those Harry Potter books. I neeeeed them in my life. Also, your book haul is lovely, but your face is lovelier ;)

  2. Eeeeeeee so many pretty books! Loved your book haul video :D