Thursday, July 25, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 10

The 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge was started by April @ Good Books and Good Wine on a whim as she wanted to do a blogging challenge related to books and was in a bit of a slump.
Day 10: How do you choose what book to read next?

Ah so I haven't posted one of these in a few days and that's because I feel that I've been posting way too much in the past few weeks - last week especially. My blog was getting cluttered and it felt imbalanced as I usually don't post this much. It also takes away the value of a post when I post too frequently (me thinks anyway).

I actually don't know how I choose what book I read next. It's really an ad-hoc approach and haphazardly done. I have no actual process. If you read Day 6: How I buy books, then you'll know I've just got books lying around everywhere.

I pick whatever I feel like, whatever looks good from my shelf. I do try to vary - if I read a Dystopian, then my next book I try to go for contemporary, and then a paranormal. Change it up a little bit! Not only do I get sick of reading too much of the same genre, but I'll end up comparing them all to each other, being extremely snarky and judgemental and then my reading experience won't feel as good.

New release sequels to a series I love will instantly get moved to the top of the to-read list. So much so that upon receiving the book, I drop everything I'm currently reading (unless it's also a sequel to a book I love) and read that instead.

This is why I have so many books on my GR that are "currently-reading" and "will eventually finish". I just end up dropping the book and not going back to it for ages.

Paranormal/fantasy is also more likely to be my pick of next book, I'm more likely to NOT get sick of reading those successively. Sci-fi and dystopians I can only stand so much of. I'll usually read one and not pick up another for ages.

I'm weird I know.


  1. You are so not weird bb. <3 I am exactly the same when I am choosing my next book. The only difference between you and me though, is that I don't like putting down what I'm currently reading. Even if Allegiant fell on my doorstep tomorrow, I feel the need to finish the book (or the entire series if I'm reading a series).

    I also can't read dystopian after dystopian. I mean, I love the genre, but too many one after the other start to blur and comparisons start and I stop enjoying the books properly.

    I love your posts bb, no matter how frequently you post them. <3

    1. WOAH EVEN IF ALLEGIANT FELL ON YOUR DOORSTEP? No way... If Allegiant fell on MY doorstep I would drop EVERYTHING for it.

      Dystopians are the hardest genre for me to get into ;/

      You are so awesome Alice, thanks so much on commenting on my posts <3 I really appreciate it. Means a lot!