Saturday, July 20, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 7

The 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge was started by April @ Good Books and Good Wine on a whim as she wanted to do a blogging challenge related to books and was in a bit of a slump.

Day 7: Talk about your blogging quirks

I love talking. But I hate talking about myself. I really don't know what to write for this one as I'm going to end up over-analysing everything once I start thinking about it *sighs*

Well let's get this over with. My blogging quirks aye?
  • I get really excited over things that I think other people wouldn't care about
    • E.g. When I found out I'm a Throne of Glass Ambassador I was ecstatic but I think everybody's like "meh". I think I may have even freaked out the publisher with my enthusiasm O_O
  • Going off the first point, I fangirl like mad
    • I think this stems from my Korean pop and Japanese manga fangirling and it's passed over to my love of books. I get so many FEELS when I read that I just end up typing in caps and keyboard mash *flails*
  • I spend a LOT of time writing my reviews
    • I invest so much effort in a review which is why I take FOREVER to complete one
    • My reviews are a minimum of 800 words and my longest one is about 1400 words. They're on average 1000 words
    • They're more essays than reviews D:
    • I go looking through the book for relevant quotes to backup my paragraphs - so I usually have about 6+ quotes and I always take awhile deciding which quote is the best to support my arguments
    • This is the reason why I don't have time to review EVERY book I read. To invest that much time into every book, I just don't have it. So I just review ARCs/review copies I've requested. For books I bought, I usually give a 1 paragraph summary of my opinion on Goodreads
  • I'm an absolute grammar Nazi. I always make sure my sentences make sense and that I haven't used the same word too many times
    • Your, you're
    • They're, there, their
    • Then, than
    • ^It really annoys me when people get those mixed up but I've stopped correcting them
  • I don't post discussion posts because I don't think people will care LOL
  • I'm OCD about my post formatting. I always have to have everything structured exactly the same as every other type of post like it (I think this is normal though)


  1. Jaz I hate you for being an ambassador for Throne of Glass because I am jelly! Also you know that you have Crown of Midnight I want it so bad! Jaz you are fan girl I think out fb craziness just proved that, but isn't everyone who loves a series a lot go crazy with others in their fandom? I was thinking about a discussion post, but mostly I know that it will involve me ranting about something that annoys me.

    1. Awwww Keely *hugs* not long now until CoM (looks at widget - less than a month woohoo). Actually I think it's August 21 for Aus and UK August 15... Hrmmm will need to check that up.

      Outside of the book blogging community (and TV fandoms) I don't think people understand the depth of fangirling though. I think I really freak my friends out with it LOL.

      I'm so uncertain about discussion posts.

    2. Yea I'm pretty sure if my friends (apart from my best friend) found my twitter they would think I am completely insane! Actually my ex did half think I was insane about all my fangirling...

      Me too I'm considering doing one soon, whenever I get around to it.

  2. OMG. If you do a discussion post,I'll probs leave an extremely long comment when I have time. Trust me, it happens all the time on other blogs, you should totally do a discussion post!

    I'm a bit OCD whenb it comes to formatting as well, pretty much died when I moved my posts to WP as they all went weird, trying to fix 'em one at a time but, O__O *dies*

    Awesome post, Jaz! <33

    1. Awwww thanks Mel! I'll think about it :3

      LOL I know about that Blogger > WP OCD thing :P

  3. Jaaaaaaaaaz. Your enthusiasm is one of my favourite things about you. <3 I was so pumped for you about being a Throne of Glass Ambassador as well! Maybe not as pumped as YOU were, but enthusiasm and excitement is SO important. <3 Why would we book blog otherwise? :D


    It's much better to write out really well, thoughout reviews for only a few books rather than crappy quick reviews for all your books. *nods furiously* I adore your reviews and the amount of time that is put into them, and I'm sure publishers and authors agree!

    Ah ha ha ha, I'm the same with grammar. Why can't people just get them riiiiiiight. *whinge*


    1. Alice. Do you know how much I love you? I don't think you do. I love you so fucking much it's not even funny.

      I love all your comments and how you read my posts <3

      THANK YOU FOR AGREEING WITH ME. Especially about the fangirling :3

  4. My reviews are pretty long too, but I generally write them pretty quickly. When I'm not doing anything, like showering or something, I'll plan reviews in my head, so that helps them flow out when I sit down to write it. I do review everything I read, just because I think if I skipped any that would be a sliding scale to quitting blogging, but that's my own personal issue. lol.

    I don't fangirl all that much in my reviews, but when I do it's fierce. Haha.

    1. Sometimes I just have so many feels I don't know how to write a review/form words :/

      I feel so guilty about not reviewing everything haha but just... TIME :(

      You are amazing with your reviewing!