Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blogoversary Day 1: Day of Thanks & Giveaway

Exactly one year ago today I officially started book blogging. I can't believe I've made it this far and come such a long way in terms of my blog. I'd started posting reviews towards the end of 2012 but had never promoted my blog - I simply reviewed what I felt like and posted reviews for my 1 or 2 book friends to read. But from the encouragement of a few amazing people I became a book blogger on 12/1/13. I didn't think I'd make it past 1 month, but when that happened I was ecstatic and author Rachel Harris helped me celebrate that. Then 6 months passed and then 9 and here I am having been blogging for a year!

There are three people I'd like to thank for making this possible:
  • First and foremost, my dear friend Mariam (@runswiththeundead) who was there when I got back into reading in the latter half of 2012. She introduced me to the world of Twitter and book blogging. Munchkin, without you this blog wouldn't exist. Massive hugs and lots of love to you. I am so honoured to still call you a friend even though high school seems so long ago!
  • Shirley from Shiirleyy's Bookshelf is the one that gave me so many tips on book blogging! She has been my constant go-to person in my blog nooby moments! This girl has kept giving and giving without ever asking for anything in return. You have no idea how much I appreciate all the advice and support you've given me (and then some too!). *Hugs*
  • Sarah from saz101 who sadly no longer blogs (I think? But I see a post on her blog!) but has moved on to being a mother. Congratulations to the new addition to your family lovely! Saz was the one who put my blog out there. It was on this day in 2013 that I told her I wanted to officially blog. What did she do? Saz promoted my blog by tweeting and following. I think without Saz, my blog wouldn't be where it's at today. I am eternally grateful to you Saz.
Other amazing people who I'd like to thank:
  • Rachel Harris, author of the My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century series (among other awesome books). Rachel has been an author and a friend since before my blog picked up. When I hit my first month she was there to help promote it with a giveaway so I could get more followers. Your support has been much appreciated thanks Rachel
The Aussie bloggers:
  • Melanie (*squeezes you* I SAW THAT MENTION YOU GAVE ME!!!). Since meeting you I have enjoyed our chats about random stuff so much. I love how we talk not only about books but about everyday random things and life. 
  • Kim. My resident TVEC and VA fan! I know I can always go to you when I want to talk about TVEC or VA... Thank you for introducing me to the Guild Hunter series and the Fever series hot dang Barrons!
  • Kerrie. My other resident VA fan. I know I can always turn to you when I want to spaz about Dimitri. *Fans self* Thank you too for introducing me to GH and Fever. I think our love of Alphas brought us together (;
  • Keely *hugs* you are such an awesome person to talk to. Thank you for always being there whenever I needed someone to talk to. For always replying to my tweets and making me feel less like a fool because someone shared the same opinion as I!
  • And there are so many of you I wish I could name you all but you know who you are. Thank you for being some of the first to read my blog!
Then there are the amazing publicists who have been the sources for the many reviews featured on this blog. Thank you for accepting me when I had barely any followers and little-to-no experience. Thank you for giving me a chance; and to those of you who I now call friends - thank you for the amazing chats (Sonia, Manda, Lara, Theresa <3)
  • Sonia @ Bloomsbury Sydney
  • Manda @ HarperCollins Australia
  • Lara @ Allen & Unwin
  • Theresa @ Hachette Children's Books
  • Polina @ Harlequin Teen Australia
  • Felicity @ Penguin Teen Australia
  • Jennifer @ Simon & Schuster Australia
  • Random House Australia
  • Macmillan Australia
  • Hardie Grant Egmont

Celebrating this event with me I have some amazing and extremely generous authors who will appear on my blog over 10 days! They've graciously agreed to excerpts/sneaks peaks/interviews and/or giveaways for this special occasion.

Check the schedule below for which author will be appearing on my blog on which day. Check back each day to see what each author has posted + some awesome giveaways!

Now according to the schedule it's a giveaway from Lindsay Cummings and Cora Carmack today!

Lindsay Cummings

Lindsay is an author I've been looking out for a while now. She debuts this year with The Murder Complex and The Balance Keepers series - yes TWO books. I'm so excited for both her books. Lindsay is such a fun person and we both share our love for The Hunger Games, Divergent and the Legend trilogy.

For my blogoversary Lindsay will be giving away bookmarks (: this giveaway is INTERNATIONAL. Thank you so much Lindsay for being part of this <3

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Cora is one of the first authors that ever followed me. Her debut novel, Losing It, is one of my favourite books of all time. Garrick Taylor hot dayum *swoons* She set the bar high with that beautiful British man. I want a Garrick in my life D: Cora is such a lovely person and we share a mutual obsession with Harry Potter. 

Cora has so kindly offered a SIGNED copy of her latest novel, Finding It, book 3 in the Losing It series. This is big guys, even I don't have any of her signed stuff *sniffs* BUT SHE'S GIVING IT TO YOU! This giveaway is US ONLY. *Hugs Cora* thank you for the awesome!

*Ugh guys I just realised I stuffed up one of the entries for the Cora Carmack giveaway. There was a double-up and I removed it. So sorry! Rafflecopter's been giving me hell lately.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway T&C:

  • Please check clearly that you are in the region specified before entering the giveaway
  • Winners must reply with address within 48h of being contacted or a new winner will be picked
  • I assume that if you're under a certain age you need permission to enter these giveaways. You agree that by entering you have such permission from a parent or guardian (I don't even know but yeah).

Tomorrow Kate Evangelista appears on my blog and it's also my tour stop for her Savor blog tour.


  1. Congrats on one year! Love Trish Doller! We're doing an author school visit this week together to help celebrate Florida's Literacy Week :-)

    1. Omg that is awesome! I wish I could meet you both in real life D:

  2. Congrats Jaz on your year of blogging <3

  3. Congratulations on one awesome year of blogging! I really liked reading your blog and I've really enjoyed meeting you and talking to you at various book events.
    - Sunny x

  4. Hey lovely! Congrats on reaching the one year milestone! *throws confetti* How exciting, I'll be sure to check back soon to for your 10 day line-ups!

  5. Congratulations on your one year! And thank you so much for the amazing giveaway! :)

  6. I could go for some snickerdoodles. ☺

  7. I'm an old fashioned chocolate chip kind of girl ;)