Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blogoversary Day 9: Leigh Bardugo

It's the 2nd last day of my blogoversary celebrations - how quickly time has flown by - and today I have the amazing Leigh Bardugo on the blog. Leigh's 2012 debut, Shadow & Bone (published as The Gathering Dark in Australia when I first got it) was actually what got me back into the reading scene. I'd just started full-time uni again and had a 3 day timetable so was traipsing the bookstore for a good read. The cover of The Gathering Dark instantly drew me in, I read the first page and was hooked. Bought the book and finished it that night! The Darkling stands as one of my favourite guys in a YA book! Can't waitfor R&R this year :3

Leigh's on the blog today doing a 'This or That' :D

Leigh Bardugo - This or That

Ebooks or the printed word?
Ebooks for travel, print for everything else. If I love something, I like to own both versions.

Romantic winter night with lightly falling snowflakes or gorgeous summer day at the beach?
Winter night, of course. *belts "The cold never bothered me anywaaaaay..."*

Killer heels or ratty sneakers? 
Badass boots.

Night owl or early riser? 
Night owl. It's rare that I'm asleep before 2 a.m., but I'm trying to stop that. I don't think it's good for me.

White wine or red wine? 

Windows or Mac OS? 
Been a Mac girl since college. There's no going back now.

Chocolate chip cookies or ice cream? 
Cookies. I love ice cream, but I rarely crave it. Gelato is another story.

Greyscale or sepia? 
Sepia for the old timey win.

Milk or dark chocolate? 
Whichever has almonds in it. But if I must choose, milk chocolate.

The city or suburbs? (I hope you have suburbs in the US... Neighbourhoods?) 
I've lived in cities all my life, but I don't think of myself as a city person. I can't stand crowds and I make sure that wherever I live there's quiet and plenty of green.

Bonus: Sturmhond or Darkling? 
(; Very tricky. But I MADE them, so I don't have to choose!


How fun were Leigh's answers? "Once you go Mac you can't go back" is the saying - it's true you know guys? I'm a night owl too... can't stand mornings! Thanks so much for that Leigh <3

And tomorrow, for the very last day of my blogoversary celebrations, I have CJ Duggan on the blog! That's it for today.

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