Friday, January 17, 2014

Blogoversary Day 6: Katie McGarry

On the 6th day of blogoversary, the blog gods gave to me: Katie McGarry. Herp derp *massive grin* Yes, the creator of my favourite sexy bad-boy, Isaiah Walker is on the blog today for... DRUM ROLL PLEASE... An interview with RACHEL and ISAIAH from CRASH INTO YOU *faints* You guys this is my FAVOURITE book in her Pushing the Limits series and Isaiah is just UGHHHH. I have so much love for that boy. 

Oh yeah, what's my awesome connection with Katie? Music. I spam her with music links as I've convinced myself she likes the same music I do (;

Interview with Rachel Young and Isaiah Walker

Jaz: Hi Rachel and Isaiah, it’s so great to have you here today. Don’t tell, but you guys are my favourite couple of Katie’s so I’m extremely happy to have this interview with you :)
So how are you? Have the panic attacks lessened Rachel? And Isaiah, how are things with Courtney?

Rachel: I’m doing really well. I’m figuring out that the panic attacks are something that are going to pop up when I’m stressed. It helps that I now have very supportive people like Isaiah surrounding me.

Isaiah: Courtney is Courtney. She’s too bubbly for my taste, but she has a good heart. Our past couple of meetings have gone well.

J: Have you two had the opportunity to fix a car together yet? If you have, what’s it like? Are you guys trading tips?

Rachel: We’ve been working on Isaiah’s car together. I’m still pretty limited in what I can do, but it’s fun talking about all the things we’d like to do to get more horse power.

J: Isaiah, what do you think of Rachel’s dad? He seems intimidating!

Isaiah: We’re slowly figuring each other out. I’m not the guy he would choose for his daughter and in his defence, I get why. But I love Rachel and she loves me so her dad and I will figure this out.

J: Following on from that, what is it like spending time with Rachel’s family?

Isaiah: I appreciate how much they love Rachel, but I’d like it if they would step out of the room for a few minutes. It’s difficult to play nice and be around her for so long and not kiss her.

J: Rachel I know you’ve always been closed off from friends, so what’s it like having Abby and now Noah and Echo around?

Rachel: I love it! Abby is always over for dinner and just pops in whenever she wants. Noah and Echo have been over for a dinner a few times and they have been awesome at just hanging out here and playing cards. But don’t play Noah in poker. He’s good and he likes to win.
J: Here’s a question for both of you: what’s your idea of the perfect date?

Isaiah: We both love driving around together. A perfect date would definitely be spending the evening behind the wheel and then ending up on the hill overlooking the city.

J: This is a hard one. Your absolute favourite food. You can only pick one. Who wants to go first?

Rachel: Chicken Alfredo

Isaiah: Steak Burger with fries

(J: well that was easy O_O)

J: Can you tell me what both your plans are for the near and distant future? *Hopeful expression*

Rachel: If I can convince my parents, I’m going to transfer to Isaiah’s old high school and focus on their automotive magnet program. Dad is thinking about letting me go if I agree to go to college after I graduate and study either business or engineering.

Isaiah: I’ve got a sweet job working on high end cars. I’m going to sock as much money as I can away and our goal is to open our own shop once Rachel graduates from college.

J: I see you making doe eyes at each other so I’ll leave you two alone now haha. Thank you so much for your time. *Hugs*


Aren't they the cutest? Rachel is just so sweet and Isaiah *fans self*...


The awesome doesn't stop there though. Katie, being the awesome person she is, is giving away bookmarks! This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL :D

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I'll be taking a break for the weekend because phew *wipes brow* that was a lot of posts to schedule! It's been an amazing 6 days so for and I have 4 more next week so the celebrations aren't over yet!

But on Monday I will have Jessica Shirvington on my blog *jumps up and down* 


  1. Steak burger with fries!! (now I'm hungry!)

  2. Definitely a steak burger with fries. (I don't like alfredo sauce.)

  3. I'm a meat kind of girl so i'd have to say steak burger with fries! Although, chicken alfredo is also delicious!

  4. I'm the burger type girl. Definitely steak burger with fries!

  5. Chicken Alfredo! :) But I like steak burger with fries, too. :)