Monday, January 13, 2014

Blogoversary Day 2: Kate Evangelista

It's Day 2 of my blogoversary and today I have Kate Evangelista on the blog. For my blogoversary she's doing an interview yey!

Kate is like my Twitter author bestie and she's one of the nicest, kindest people I know. I absolutely adored her book Taste and it's one of my favourite paranormals books! She's just released her latest book Savor which features characters from Taste :3

And guys I know this post is up late, I was meant to post something for the blog tour but something went wrong and I AM SORRY :( *hugs bestie*

Kate Evangelista Author Interview

Q1. Most of your books (other than Romancing the Bookworm) are part of the paranormal genre, with a darker, Gothic and macabre touch. Why is that? What draws you into the genre to make you write about it?
I honestly don't know and sometimes this scares me. *laughs* I think my subconscious is drawn to darker subjects. I don't particularly see myself as someone dark so I don't know where it comes from. Maybe it's my characters? *shakes head*

Q2. Romancing the Bookworm was your first contemporary; what was it like writing in a different genre and for a different age group?
Weird at first since I kept wanting to add a little magic into the equation. I think sometimes the paranormal genre can be a crutch because the conflict is already built in. For Romancing, I wanted to challenge myself. See if I can do it. I admit RtB has it's pitfalls, but I still say it's a wonderfully funny read. I can only get better from here.

Q3. What do you think of the “new adult” genre that’s sprung up? Romancing the Bookworm is considered “new adult”, is it the age or the themes as well that make it part of this genre that some people grasp and others reject?
I believe the themes are universal regardless of category. It's more about how much you can get away with. I think with New Adult, writers can explore sexuality a little more. Also there are many different firsts that come with being a New Adult, so the possibilities are limitless. At the same time, the readers who began with YA are growing up and are looking for books that speak more to what they are going through now. Bottomline, New Adult is a beautiful category to be in when you're writing something that doesn't quite fit Young Adult.

Q4. Is it difficult being a writer in the Phillippines who seems so far from everybody else? Especially from other US authors?
Sometimes. I think it's difficult in terms of not being able to attend conferences and signings. When I go to the US it really has to be planned out and the intention is clear. Meaning I have to have a huge reason to go. Hopefully, in the future, I can make it to RT at least.

Q5. Other than the paranormal genre and contemporary are there any genres you’d like to dapple in?
As many as possible. I think the only genre I'd shy away from is horror because I'd definitely freak myself out. Horror takes a certain skill that I admire so, so much. I scare easy no matter how much I love watching horror films. *laughs*

Q6. The Vicious Feast (and associated books) world has a very interesting take on zombies. How did you come up with this? When I first read them, I thought they were vampires!
Taste is zombies for sure. But Savor and the rest of the Vicious Feast novels? You'll have to read and see. In terms of how I came up with my ideas, they're not as deliberate as you might think. I let each novel and it's characters speak for itself. Those who've read Savor will really see what I mean because it's story will keep you second guessing until the very end. *winks*

Let me take this moment to thank Jaz for letting me hangout on her blog today. Thank you, bestie! And thank you readers for hanging with us. Please make sure to grab your copy of Savor and tell all your friends so they can grab theirs too. It's a ride. I promise.


That was a great insight into Kate's brain. *Hugs* thank you bestie.


Because I love Kate and Dmitri Taste so much I'll be giving away 1 Kindle copy of Taste. This is an INTERNATIONAL giveaway. Just be mindful that this is a KINDLE copy only, not any ebook format.

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Come back tomorrow as Paula Stokes will be gracing my blog with her awesome presence!


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